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When Should You Start Monetizing Your Videos?

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Monetization & Partnership Forum' started by RoyalTeeZone, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. RoyalTeeZone
    I Love YTtalk
    When is the right time to start the monetization process on your Youtube Video?

    Here's a theory about one Youtuber that I follow:

    Dave Urlakis, creator of the popular comedic YouTube channel Awkward Spaceship. says that despite several of his videos going viral — and one topping over 800,000 views — he has deliberately chosen not to enter the YouTube Partner Program.
    “It doesn’t make sense financially to inconvenience my viewers with ads,” says Mr. Urlakis. “The amount of money I’d be making would not be enough to improve the quality of the videos or my own quality of life significantly,” he adds. Dave’s theory is that running ads early in the life of Awkward Spaceship may actually turn viewers away and stifle long-term growth for his channel.
    By holding off on ads, he thinks he can get more exposure in these early days of his channel. “Some percentage of the audience will hate ads no matter what. I would much rather expose them to content now and build their trust than try to cash-in short-term,” Urlakis says.
    In the longer term, Dave thinks he will eventually turn to the Partner Program once he starts seeing more consistent and larger views on his videos. In the meantime, he’s spending his time honing his craft and considering other options for a bigger payout, such as direct sponsorship and merchandising.

    - You know there isn't one specific answer to this.

    Perhaps the best approach is not to focus on monetizing to begin with. Instead, spend your time producing videos people will want to watch. Release them with consistency to develop a relationship with your audience. Once you have a large audience, the opportunities will likely follow.

    Have you monetized your videos, and if so what's your experience? Good and Bad?
    Please share your thought.

  2. ForeverAlonePrick
    I don't know what's going on.
    Just my thoughts, if you plan on joining a network, like Fullscreen or TGN, you should wait until that, or else you'll just have a little money sitting in your adsense forever. If not, you can monetize whenever you feel ready, normally when you get around 100-200 views a video. That's what people generally do.

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