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What tags can i put on my gaming video to get more views?


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Apr 22, 2019
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I'm always using basic tags like: Gaming, Funny, and 'Game names' just wondering anyone out there who has a successful YouTube channel can help me out alil.


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Sep 5, 2013
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Moved to the strategy / technique forum. :)

For a small channel, you should be targeting Longtail tags, made up of 3-4 word phrases. They will bring in less traffic but will have less competition. An example would be "How to chop wood in Minecraft" - obviously just an example. Repeat the phrase in the title and the description. Then make sure your video is actually about how to chop wood in minecraft.

Tags like "gaming" will have millions of results and the chance of you getting seen are 0.0000001%


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Nov 20, 2018
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you should use ytbuddy or vidiq to find out good tags


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Jan 17, 2017
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Use Tubebuddy to find the kewords/phrases you have a fair chance on ranking high on :)


Nov 18, 2018
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This will be a longer post, but it takes you through the process for finding tags that a new smaller gaming channel usually have to go through to find a niche where their topic and tags can actually compete and get views.

First of as a new gaming content creator you need to find a niche. Getting established in a niche makes it easier for the videos you do within the same niche to get recommended by YouTube. If you do video A about game A, video B about game B, video C about game C and video D about game D it's much harder than if you made video A about game A, video B about game A, video C about game A and video D about game A.

As a new and small YouTube gaming channel you usually need to find a pretty small niche since the bigger once are very competitive, you may even need to find a niche within a niche.

I started out by doing videos for a huge game with thousands of well established content creators. Barely anyone found my videos, you had to go 100 pages back in the search results to find me since so many bigger well established channels did the same content and got recommended over mine.

Then I decided to try making content for a much smaller game that I had been plying for years (still well established with a dedicated fan base). This made it a bit easier, showing up a bit higher in the search results and my let's plays got some views, but still nowhere near the bigger established creators and didn't get recommended much. So I started to look at my new and smaller niche, a lot of people were doing let's plays and all of them where much larger channels than mine, there where no reason for YouTube to recommend me over their channels. But perhaps there where something related to that game other than let's plays that fewer people where crating content for and I realized that very few channels where making guides and tutorials for that game. I found a niche inside a niche and started to make a few tutorials instead of lets plays and since the competition was much smaller for tutorials I managed to get some of mine in the top 3 search results for different search terms and they also started to get recommended by YouTube. This led to my tutorials getting 10-1000 times more views then most of my let's plays and I started to get subs more regular.

I recently decided to branch out to a new niche, a new game, that just got released. I knew that a lot of content creators that did content for similar games would jump on this new game creating let's plays so I went with what I had learn (I'm not big enough to even remotely compete with with channels 1000-4000 times my size when it comes to let's plays) so already from day 1 when the game got released I released my first guides for the game. And I even know that there where going to be other channels bigger than mine who would released guides so I decided to go for a niche (smaller one topic guides) within a niche (guides) within a niche (the game). When most bigger channels released the big "beginners guide to the game" I released smaller one topic guides like Learn X in the game or a tutorial for Y in the game.

That gave me the opportunity to create content with a lot less competition but it also let me create content and tags that could be really optimized for search, sure in the beginning people may search for beginners guides for the game but as soon as they get stuck with a problem ingame they are more likely to just google how to I do X or how to I fix Y and I could use that for my titles, descriptions and tags which made my tutorials pop up among the first results in both YouTube and Google search. Also since all my guides have been for the same game YouTubs algorithm seems to have realized that this channel is making guides for that game, the guides get a decent amount of views, watch time and audience retention so whenever I publish a new guide for the game it almost instant get to the top 3 in the search result for that guides topic.

Since the release of the game I have got a huge amount of views and subs compared to what my small channel normally get.

Short version:
1. It's better to be number one on a tag/term that only 100 people search for than number 2000 for a term 1 million people search for.
2. If you are small you need to find a niche with less competition to be able to be number 1 or top 3.
3. You probably even need to find a niche within a niche.
4. The more specific you have been with 1 and 2 the more specific tags, titles and description = more people will find your video.
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