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What should I do next (any suggestion is welcome) ?

Discussion in 'Reviews & Channel Feedback' started by justread, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. justread
    Once again hello to everyone,

    I found this forum today and I spend so much time reading on a lot of topics.

    I want to start with my journey so fat at youtube. I started my channel April (my channel is for animated book summaries) and after one week I got a ban ! I watched a video where there was sub for sub but the problem was I posted so many comments in a single minute so I got reported and got banned :( This was fine I understand what was the problem and I start from the beginning. After uploading one video I hired someone to make SEO of my video... The problem was this man didn't know English well... The video didn't get any new views and I started searching for some answers I watched several videos and I made the SEO by myself :) Then I bought a course at one site of how to start youtube channel with a lot of general information. The course was 30+ hours long and I learned a lot from there.

    Then I continue to create new videos and I'm trying to publish a video per week. I'm planing to start posting two videos per week but this may happen around the end of the year or the beginning of 2019 we will see.

    I have a lot of struggles with this how to make my videos visible to everyone. I tried several ways, self posting at reddit and some other sites, didn't work... I tried with Promolta didn't work so well ( or I didn't give it more time), I tried sub for sub groups in facebook where this is a mess just real mess so many people on one cares about the other just sub, sub, sub please... Cmo'n this is a b..... Anyway I tried with adsense and I promote almost all of my videos there and worked fantastic to me I got a lot of watch time I have some videos that were converting like crazy, and this was for like 17$ which is pretty cheap if you ask me. And here I'm now I'm reading the forum there is a lot of information here but I have some questions.

    So let's start with the questions.

    1. Can anyone who have more experience than me and he/she has come the way that I'm going check my channel, watch some of my videos (this is not a trick where I'm searching for some watch time) and to give me some feedback of how my videos are doing. Probably you have not read some of the books I have in the channel so it would be interesting to see what will be your opinion about them. I have small number of views but almost all the videos had only likes which is perfect but still I want to see other opinions.

    2. Can you check my channel in general, like thumbnails, video discriptions, channel structure, what are the things I'm missing and what are the things I must have but I don't have them (I know that I need to make a consultation a paid one and I will make it but I want to get the level up little more) and to share with me what I need to fix.

    3. I'm planing to add at least one video per week, is this enough for a new channel like me. Right now I post my videos on some groups where I got some traffic and big part of my traffic is from SEO.

    4. Could you share with me and the people who will be reading this post in the future how your channel was preforming at the beginning, how were you in the first 3,6,9,12 months and ect. I would love to read about your journey.

    I know that I can't help you with youtube right now but I'm in the betting and the finance business, or personal development, so if anyone want to discuss something about these topics and I can help you with whatever I can I will do it without breaking any of the forum rules of course.

    Thank you so much for taking time to read this post and help me go to the right direction.

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