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What are the Traits of Virality?

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May 29, 2017
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The owners of SimplePickup a pretty popular channel in its prime about outrageous seduction methods, dating and random advice recently stopped producing videos and instead have focused on their own program for helping people find success on YouTube called Jumpcut Academy.

About a month ago I remember them releasing a free four video in-depth guide on YouTube and building the confidence to do YouTube. What it takes, your mindset, etc. If you missed it there is one thing that they brought up which I just wanted to share and that is the Traits of Virality. WHAT MAKES SOMETHING VIRAL! If you have these three things and you do them well your video, in theory, is very likely to go viral. As in, they looked at viral videos and found that all of them shared these.

Broken down in to three key points: 1) Challenge assumptions 2) Have a unique perspective 3) Tell a story

1) Challenging assumptions - What makes people click on a video? The truth about something. If you propose a theory or a statement people want to know if you either agree or disagree with them and why.

2) Have a unique perspective - Everyone is different and unique and videos go viral because something is done in a different or unique way. Trending topics, a new movie, a new game, the world... Everyone wants to see other's take on something they have seen or know about.

3) Tell a story - Have a beginning, middle and an end. Pull someone in with an interesting intro to a problem, keep them engaged by working to solve a problem and then solve the problem, have it all payoff.



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Jul 11, 2017
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I watched all of their videos. I really liked the "Remix Strategy" which is basically taking something already made and using the same concept but adding your own personal twist.
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