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Water Park! Having Fun time in pool and water slides / Legoland Water Park Video

Discussion in 'Kids and Family' started by 3kidstv, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. 3kidstv
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    For kids, there is little more exciting and fun than spending a summer afternoon at a water park. With the scorching heat of the summer blazing down all around, it is only natural for the young ones to seek out any activity that keeps them cool, and going to a pool or water park is the perfect idea for family fun. The fun increased tenfold at a specially themed waterpark like the one shown in this video.
    Legoland Hotel Water Park in Malaysia is specially based on items and characters from the wonderful world of Lego. The video showcases the entire family having fun at the water park. An overview of the various rides with parts straight out of the world of Lego bricks is shown. The kids enjoy their time on large, twisting slides, waterfalls, shallow pools, and swings. There is also a mini roller coaster type ride based on a Lego inspired vehicle. In addition to the rides, one area where the kids seem to enjoy themselves the most is the mini beach where waves keep crashing into a sandy floor. Before leaving the kids have a go at a merry go round and driving a small car.
    In conclusion, a day at a water park is a near perfect plan for the summer where you and your family can all have unlimited fun. Make sure to go somewhere that has rides appropriate for kids of all ages so that no one has to miss out on the cool fun.

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