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Other Wanna Interview the One Minute Economics Guy? :)

Discussion in 'Other' started by OneMinuteEconomics, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. OneMinuteEconomics
    Active Member
    Hi there,

    If some of you want to pick my brain by interviewing me or doing something else along those lines, I'd be up for an experiment or two.

    YTT members probably know me as the guy behind YouTube.com/OneMinuteEconomics, so I'd like to mention some of my other areas of expertise (aside from economics):

    1) Entrepreneurship: I've launched two Web development businesses, three hosting businesses, an auction platform, a small escrow service, a brokerage service + newsletter and a blog that I've been running for 8 years

    2) Investing: I specialize in exotic assets as an investor, primarily domain names and websites but also cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin

    3) Personal Finance (ok, it kind of goes hand in hand with economics but deserves a separate mention), as I've published Wealth Management 2.0, the only personal finance book written specifically for people who make money online (from developers to Internet marketers, to online business owners... to YouTubers of course and so on)

    ... all in all, I think this unique (aka weird) skill set puts me in a great position to put a perspective on the table that's hard to find anywhere else.

    If you have a collaboration idea (interviews would be the most obvious example but I'm open to other options as well), let me know and I'll do my best to work something out :)
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  2. Dickjutsu
    Active Member
    I doubt you would be very interested in collaborating with a small-timer like me, but one of your specialties got me thinking of a topic I was considering touching on soon. Particularly your #2 point: Investing -> Cryptocurrencies.

    I run a Japanese history channel and a little thing called Koku (the measurement of rice income for a particular domain in feudal Japan) continues to crop up. On a Japanese history site we even recently had a discussion about comparing what a koku would be worth compared to modern currency.
    Koku is not really a crypto-currency per se, because it technically equals out to a specific amount of rice, which is then converted into actual currency, making it more of a Commodities exchange deal than actual cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency part would be in the fact that...the amount of commodity that a koku relates to changed over time and place and the discussion of what a koku would be valued as in the modern thought process. It would be interesting to see the thoughts about koku from an economist's vantage point rather than a historian's.

    Or something along those lines. If you were interested in something collaborative. Or just wanted to do your own discussion on it and would be willing to give me a link-back or shout-out of some kind. :)

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