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Short Film Voice Actors Needed for Short Film!!

Discussion in 'Short Film' started by M. B. Harkins, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. M. B. Harkins
    Active Member
    This is for a goofy, pun-based short film I am doing. It is centered in a kitchen, and focuses on the (very punny) lives of the foods, dishes, and silverware within. It is literally fruits and veggies etc. with googly eyes, and gloved hands moving them about. We're talking SUPER cheesy, here. No relation to the new movie that came out with the foods - I got this idea when I was scrambling eggs and making tons of egg puns - and it's certainly much more kid-friendly.

    Most of the voices will be fairly goofy, plenty of room for both male and female voices, the parts are fairly short (seriously, some are only 1 line) and it will not take long to do a full record.

    Please have a decent mic, no fans in background, no popping, etc - if the audition quality is not good, it will give a bad first impression and you will not be chosen. Please treat it as if you are doing it for real!!

    This will be uploaded on my YouTube channel as soon as it's done! Filming is complete, I'm just looking to get the voices in, so I can edit everything together.

    DM me on Twitter (@MBHarkins) or Instagram (@MBHarkinsOfficial), or leave your Instagram/Twitter handle below for more information on how to audition! :D
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  2. BobbyKryptonite
    I Love YTtalk
    Hi there, I would be keen, what kind of voices do you need? I am British but I am capable of a fair variety of accents and silly voices, I have voice acted for a minecraft video in the past. I have a decent mic. my skype is bobby.kryptonite, my twittter is BobbyKryptonite and my instagram is bobbykryptonite.
  3. Conight
    I've Got It
    If this is voice acting your looking for then I'm able to help! As I can't phsycally meet with you as I'm a british guy living in Japan >.<

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