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Voice Acting Voice actors for my next project


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Jan 21, 2019
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A short series about a gang of monsters who live in a flying house, and the boy who joins them. Currently working on a short practice/"pilot" episode, but I had a number of further episodes planned out.

The basic story for this one is: they're going to capture a poltergeist from a house, but as it's obeying the commands of the girl who lives there, she thinks she's psychic. They need to take it before it becomes too strong.

(obviously all of the listed names are just placeholders)

A brief description of each character is followed by audition lines, which can be DMd to me.

He is usually in a world of his own, never really explaining things properly and misunderstanding others - but he's not "lost and confused", he's "blundering and oblivious". He has his own words for things, so almost no-one knows what he's talking about.

In my head he sounds like Tommy Wiseau, but as no-one sounds like Tommy Wiseau I'd be happy with a North American accent trying to do a Transylvanian vampire accent.

Catching poltergeists is lemons, anyone can do it!

(lemons= his word for "easy")

It's not a television, it's completely fish. We use it see where we're going!

(fish= his word for "different")

The ghost of a world war 1 solider. Although he's only a corporal, he insists everyone call him "captain". He and "Vampire" deeply dislike each other, but this gets resolved as time goes on.

He's a bit stuffy and stuck up. His voice should be mildly posh English, like Rimmer from Red Dwarf or Darling from Blackadder 4.

How many times do I have to tell you - what we need is military efficiency!

(brisk and bossy).

The machine doesn't run off petrol*, it's supernatural!

*Petrol is over-pronounced, as he was "correcting" someone for using the American word "gas"

An ancient and gnarled old Egyptian mummy. He was once a pharaoh, but all evidence of his reign was destroyed or hidden. He hopes to find ancient artefacts which prove he existed, so his place in history will be restored.

I'm not quite sure how I want him to sound - I'm torn between him (at first) sounding goofy like the mummy from Beetleborgs, or always sounding noble and strong despite his appearance.

I haven't seen the sun for hundreds of years... the sun god Ra is looking for me, but as long as the sunlight never touches me, I'll be safe.

(resentful but calm)

Yes, werewolves turn back human in the morning. But as a human, he has a disease. We need to get him away, so he won't change back.

Boy (about 12-15)
He joins the monsters on their travels when they are investigating something in his school. He secretly believes in dragons, and hopes that some day he will meet one by travelling with the monsters.

No, you don't understand - the poltergeist is draining your energy, it's only responding to you now because it's building its strength. If it showed its true colors, you'd try to get rid of it.

(He's speaking calmly so he doesn't scare her, but trying to make her understand it's urgent)

Girl (about 12-15)
Her house is infected by a Poltergeist. She thinks that she has developed psychic powers, as the Poltergeist is responding to her commands ... at first, at least.

My mother sent you here, didn't she. She thinks I'm crazy, my powers never work when she's in the room so she doesn't believe me.

(she sounds resigned and bored, as her mother keeps trying to get people to "talk her out of her delusions"

No! Just leave me alone, my powers aren't hurting anyone!

(a bit scared, she knows something bad will happen)
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Feb 24, 2019
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Heya, is there a way to contact you? I would like to audition for "boy"
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