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Video SEO - How I Rank my Videos on YouTube

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Marketing, Strategy & SEO' started by Boris Qs, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Boris Qs
    Posting Mad!
    Your video is uploaded on YouTube and you are not getting views, Why? One major factor for that is because you channel is still small. The only way people will know about your channel is through your ranked videos.

    YouTube videos also need to be SEO optimized in order to get ranked in the search result, and start generating organic views.

    Here I will talk about how you can get organic traffic to your YouTube videos and how to do some simple Researching and SEO for better search results.

    These are tips any one can apply in any niche to get their videos ranked on YouTube.


    Now to easily get views to your videos you have to target a keyword or phrase that has low competition but which many people are actually searching for.

    Here are some of the major things you have to be looking for when making your research for low competition but search friendly keyphrases on YouTube.

    How to know how many videos are competing for a keayphrase.

    Head over to the youtube search bar, and type in the general idea of what your video will be about. let's say you want to make a video on "Pokemon go".

    Now I know nothing about the gaming niche, but I will use this example to show you if you understand how it is done you can apply it in any niche.

    Moving on. Just by typing in "pokemon go" on the search bar you can see some suggestions of other key phrases. Select the one closest to what your video will be about.

    In this case one of the suggestions was "Pokemon go hacks" with the word "Hacks" as an addition. In your case it might be something longer.

    On the top right you will find how many videos are competing for that particular phrase. In the "pockemon go hacks" case at the time of typing this is About 2,060,000 results.

    Now when compared with "pokemon go hacks android" which is also one of youtube's suggestion with a competition of just over 855,000 results, you will see that it is easier to rank for the second phrase "pokemon go hacks android" than it will be for the first phrase especially for a small channel.

    Now, assuming you have a keyphrase with less competition, how do you know if there are people actually searching for that keyphrase.

    How to determine the number of searches.

    To get a rough estimate of how many people are searching for your targeted keyphrase,

    Check the upload dates of the videos ranking and the number of people who have viewed the videos.

    Let's looking at our previous example ;

    "pokemon go hacks android"

    #1 Ranked video was uploaded 1 month ago and has a view count of over 512,000
    #2 ranked video was uploaded 1 week ago with over 129,000 views
    Check till the end of the page.

    Now these views are not coming only from the search engines, but it still proves that people are searching for that.

    You can easily notice a keyphrase with less searches when you start seeing videos uploaded a year ago and still having just 1 to 5 thousand views.But that will also depend on the niche you are targeting. So you have to know a little about your niche.

    Now, assuming you have a keyphrase which people are actually searching for. The next question you should start asking is can your channel video rank on that particular page that you are researching on youtube.

    That's where the next major factor or researching a keyphrases to rank for comes into play.

    How big is your channel?

    A big channel can slap in any Title of their video and within minutes starts getting views, but a small channel will have to work it out before it starts getting views.

    With that in mind you want to look if there is any small channel on the first page for the keyphrase you want to target. The idea here is if that video from a small channel (and by small channel here I mean those with less subs and video view count.) if that small channel video can rank then if you do everything correct in optimizing your video you should also appear in the first rankings.

    When I took a quick look through I found a channel with 198 subs. When I took a detailed look I found out that the video on that keyphrase was the only video on that channel with the highest view count.

    That is the exact type of signal I am looking for. (When I see that I know I have found Gold as that is surely the case with the channel I just mentioned above.)

    Sometimes the competitive or ranked videos are all from big channels with a large number of subs and video view counts. Here it is a little tricky to rank. There are other criteria I use here if I really want to make a video on that.

    So Now we have a winning keyphrase to make a video on
    -It is search friendly
    -It has less videos competing for it
    -It already shows many people are searching for it
    -There is even a small channel ranking for it

    It's time to create, upload and optimize


    1) Make sure your video filename has the keyphrase you want to target in it
    2) Use it as close as possible at the beginning of your video Title( best is when you use just the exact match and then change it a little after.
    3) Add your exact targeted phrase at the beginning of your description and the exact in your tag
    4)3) Use just few tags that are closely related to your targeted phrase(example: hack pokemon go android sin root,hack pokemon go joystick android sin root,pokemon go hack 0.59.1 sin root.)

    These are the steps I started using after getting stuck on 50 subs on my channel since then things have changed. It will not bring you rapid growth, but trust me, you will be seeing a slow but steady growth.

    Hope this was helpful, if so pls don't forget to hit the like button below this post and share it. You never know who it might just help.

    I will also love to read your strategy of ranking your video on youtube please do share.
  2. PictureFIT
    Super Poster
    If you want to know the level of competition and the popularity of any given keyword, you can simply use an extension like TubeBuddy or use Google's Keyword planner to find out. It's a lot less guessing and a lot more accurate. And you're right, it's crucial for new YouTubers to understand how to choose the best keywords and topics in order to generate views. However, you'll need more than that to get any meaningful traffic. That's where promoting and marketing comes into play. Bringing in external views should be of utmost importance for all up and comers. You simply shouldn't just rely on YouTube doing the work for you. Granted, external views aren't perceived as positively to the YouTube algorithm as native views, but they still count as something. And that little "something" is better than nothing, especially if your content is very niche and any keyword combination you attempt draws very little traffic.

    The hope is to turn those external viewers as a signal to YouTube that your content is worth featuring in some degree. Hopefully, you can turn some of that external traffic into subscribers as well.

    I will have to disagree about your advice to only use a handful of keywords related to the main title. There are many ways to word or search for a certain topic. As a creator, your goal is to think like the viewer and think about what type of words you will be searching for to find a certain video. You will also have to understand the keywords used by other creators that create content similar to yours. That means creating more tags related to those channels in hopes of driving more "suggested video" traffic as well as hitting all possible search rankings related to your content.

    Then again, nothing beats driving external traffic to your channel in the beginning. Once you've established a large enough following, the goal is to consistently create content that your subscribers will more than likely come back to watch. Keep doing this and it will signal to YouTube that you are capable of consistently bringing people back to their site, thus, they will automatically drive traffic to your channel.
  3. Crown
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Administrator
    This is a very good article and I'm moving it to our SEO article section. :)
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  4. Boris Qs
    Posting Mad!
    You are right keyword planner is a good tool to use to find keywords. I thought about that but you will also agree with me if you have tried it before there are some uprising keyphrases that the youtube suggest offer. Putting some of these type of phrases in the keyword planner tool will heal no stats.

    It takes time(2 or 3 months) for a new phrase before the keyword planner starts providing some stats.

    I understand your channel is based on weight loss and that is a niche that has been online like for ever so for sure keyword planner can be of great use to your channel.

    For tubeBuddy I use the free version and may be the pro-version is giving accurate stats but the free version wasn't good enough for me when it comes to identifying these type of key-phrases. In addition I wonder how many small channels will be comfortable paying the monthly fee that tubebuddy charge just to grow their channel before they start breaking even.

    You should understand also that youtube is out to make money and when they see you promoting your videos especially on their platform they will not help promote your videos because they espect you to keep paying. With that in mind again how many small youtubers will like sustain the growth of their channel with money.

    I think at some point money is needed but when starting it is important to know some of this basic SEO strategies. Yes I did not mean people should rely only to one particular traffic source. This was just one of many.

    Yeah If I find more closely related tags I use them if not i use the one I have and after a few weeks after it ranks for the phrase I want I then go in and add more keyphrase. which will widen the search base.

    I hope this clears a lot and I think your points are worth taking note of but in my opinion not when you are just starting out.
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  5. Fox Beat
    Loving YTtalk
    Honestly, when my channel is so small, i'm not focused on my content SEO only, but i'm preferred to be more active on some forum like it. It'll help me to get a direct views more than just SEO optimizing...
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  6. Boris Qs
    Posting Mad!
    Very true the SEO strategy is just one way of getting people to your videos. Social media, communities, and forums are other options
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  7. Kinan Media
    I've Got It
    this article is very intersting and very unusual, I think I should read it carefully and a bit to prepare a bitter coffee to understand it because I am not drinking coffee so sleepy, but I think this is very cool and thank you for the meaning
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  8. Dave2017
    Get The Picture?
    Awesome article my friend:up2::) VERY useful. I think that a lot of new Youtuber dont think about SEO at all (I know I dint in the beginning) It was like well I have the most interesting channel in the world so I can do with a funny title and what the f**k is tags anyways;)?? Of course it turned out to be wrong and keyword reaseach has turned out to be so important :up2:
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