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Gaming Tritega wants to collab. Serious gaming Youtubers only ( PC )

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Tritega, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Tritega
    I've Got It
    Hey all, some of you might know me from some time in the past when I was pretty active on Youtube but had to quit due to my internet problems. Luckily for me I decided to return now with my internet being fixed and I am looking for some Youtube gaming buds who play games on their PC.

    I love to play games and give commentary to it at the same time. My aim is to grow larger on Youtube when it comes to gaming content. I upload videos about: Gaming, Tutorials and vlogs.

    I do have some requirements as they must fit with my channel, some of you might conceive some of my requirements as a bad thing, but I am serious about growing my Youtube Channel and I hope the person that wants to do the same has the same strict requirements.

    • 18+ of age
    • Decent microphone
    • 100+ subs
    • Can speak English on a decent level.
    • Is serious about growing his/her Youtube channel
    • Doesn't go inactive, or says he/she wants to collab but it never gets to it
    • Is willing to create more videos together
    • Is willing to spend money on certain games to create video's
    • Discord is a must
    • I prefer that you use a facecam, but it's not required.
    • Someone that lives around the GMT + 1 2 3 4 zone.
    • Loves to play MMO's, FPS's, Survival games and the newest releases.
    Discord: Tritega#6346

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