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Tile Mate bloothtooth key finder or world's cheapest car tracker?


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Oct 31, 2017
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thetileapp offer the world's biggest lost and found community making your simple bluetooth tile tracker easy to locate no matter where it ends up. Tile has a major advantage over the other brands. Mostly they are locating stuff you loose around the house. But they Tile will also show you on a street map where the tracker was when you were last within bluetooth range of it. And Tile's advantage over the other brands is that they have the most market share. Over 8 Million users. So you have a third method of location where you report your tracker lost on the app. Then if anyone else within the Tile community walks or drives past your tile you are automatically alerted to you trackers position via the app on your phone. That doesn't sound useful until you learn that there can be 100s of tile uses in every 10-20 square miles or so. And those users move around etc. There are few people using them for bike and car trackers.
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