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Thoughts on this BBTV contract?

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Monetization & Partnership Forum' started by Ann, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Kenyanese
    Well-Known Member
    Deal makes economic sense only if your earnings are relatively static at $2K. If they are growing from month to month, you may need to check the estimated growth in the next 12 months. Let’s say you are growing at 15% per month. How much total income will you have made in the next 12 months?

    At 15% monthly growth from a base of $2K, your total income for the next 12months will be well over $65K,and this company will make $13K which is about twice your signing in bonus.

    At a modest and perhaps more realistic 5% monthly growth, your total income over the next 12 months will be approximately $33K,and they get $6,685.

    So here’s your assignment;
    Work out your monthly growth in income for the last 12 months. Don’t average, just look at the actual rates of growth. Then factor out the lucky months when you enjoyed crazy growth (we all have those). Now you can average. That’s your past. It’s by no means guarantee that you will replicate that in the co img 12 months but it’s a good indicator.

    What do you intend to do differently this year? If nothing much, then your past growth,factoring out lucky months, is a very good indicator of your future growth.

    If your growth rate is above 5% or expected to be above 5% for a better part of the next 12 months, I’d suggest you walk away from the offer because you will pay them much more than the $7K.
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  2. Hollyweird Teens
    I've Got It

    They contacted me a while ago with much less subs than you and I was able to get them down to 85/15. Probably could have done 90/10. But I ultimately didn't sign up with them because as you said, they didn't offer me anything I couldn't already do myself. However, they didn't offer me no $7,000 sign on bonus!! NO sign on bonus, period! I might have gone along with them had that been part of the deal. lol if you get them down to 10%, and the $7,000 sign on bonus is ACTUALLY REAL, then it would be profitable even if you never used their services at all. They would get $2,400 from you, you would get $4,600 from them. Is it worth it, only you can decide that.
  3. Yachts For Sale
    Yachts For Sale
    I signed up with BBTV and can't wait for the annual contract date to arrive so I can get out of it. They have done nothing for me that I couldn't have done for myself, and whilst it's convenient to have the money put into PayPal it's really not worth what I pay - as small as that is.

    It sounds like they probably use the small change that they receive from small fish like me to pay incentives to get bigger fish like you. You look like you've done a great job without them so far...
  4. ericshift1
    Well-Known Member
    Don't sign up. They wont help you in any way, 80/20 is a con for a channel of your size. I assume by "around 2000 a month" you mean that's what you're making in January, you'd probably be making 6-8k in December so I'd say don't take it.
  5. TheMaskedTruth
    Active Member
    They came to me before. I had alot less subs than you and they offered me 90/10 and a 500 dollar signing bonus for a 6 month contract. I didn't take it though. I don't do contracts anymore. If I can't get a no lock in I'm not doing it. I learned my lesson.

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