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The reason why you won't succed

Discussion in 'YouTube Chat, Gossip & Help' started by Wookiees, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Ishtiak Ahmed
    Well-Known Member
    Different thought...This is very important topic...
  2. KatyAdelson
    I Love YTtalk Moderator
    Please note that this is an old thread and the OP is no longer active on the forums. Please be careful of bumping old threads.

    But it's still an interesting topic that is still relevant for 2018, so I'll keep it open for now.
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  3. iGM
    That Scottish Guy
    It depends on a lot of variables.
    Having been on YouTube since 2012 and having two channels, I can tell you, luck does play a part but a very small one. So does advertising, branding, consistency, relevance, quality of content, content similarity, content frequency and so on. There are so many variables that making such a generalization is not really the way to go.
    Yes self-criticism has a place, it too is a variable. Yes, the content you make is also a variable but simply chalking it down to content that 'isn't engaging' isn't really enough. There are many variables that affect the success of a video as well as many variables that affect viewer drop off and engagement.
    Just because a channel may not get a consistently high frequency of views per video does not mean they are making bad content. Similarly, just because a channel doesn't get a consistently stable frequency of watch time does not mean they are making bad content.

    An example of what I mean being that if a channel is mixed (my bigger gaming channel being an example) - it will have long videos of up to 20 minutes as well as short videos than barely scratch 2 minutes. On average, the 2 minute videos will drag down the watch time average percentile for my channel. This is simply because in comparison to other videos, it may not seem like it has a lot of watch time but in reality a viewer may have watched 70 or 80% of the video - it is just that video is short in duration.
    In contrast, longer videos where people watch maybe half way through will affect the drop off duration - negatively - as the video duration is long despite the watch time being greater than that of shorter duration videos.
    YouTube has so many variables that affect the success of a channel and its content that saying 'you won't succeed because of X, Y and Z reasons' is somewhat ignorant. No matter who you are or how much experience you have. Similarly, there is no one formula for success and saying 'you will succeed if you do X, Y and Z' is equally ignorant.
    Finding a way that suits you and your channel (as well as your subscribers - no matter how many) is all that really matters in the end.

    Whoever this French streamer is, he has a point that content is the most important variable but what he may (or may not) have missed is that it is a far cry from the only important variable.
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  4. TYTD
    If it's radioactive, Its on TYTD
    I would also argue that a lack of self criticism doesnt really apply to quite a few scenarios. For example; Im fully aware of the limitations of my channels appeal. I understand where my faults are and im always trying to improve my videos quality and content. Equally im always engaging with audiences both directly and indirectly connected to the community im targeting and I dont just stop at questioning my own content I regularly ask content creators both in my field and who've spent a good chunk of the professional careers working to optimise there yotube channels to the best of there ability for advice, critique and feedback about my channel.

    What I realised very early on that this would be a marathon; not a sprint. My subs are at a snails pace; but they're still moving upward slowly but surely, my views are growing (For the most part) on every video that I do and I try and cover a wide range of genres and topics on both a micro and a macro level (With plenty of new ideas and content in development as well!) will I be on 1000 subs in 2 years time? I dont know...at the current rate definately not. but I enjoy what I do, I take it seriously and I have purpose behind what I do, having people to engage with and to have along for the ride is all part of the growing experience :)
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  5. genp
    Well-Known Member
    Someone with above average IQ has been working and researching the market 20 hours a day for a few years, he/she should have at least 1 million subs even if he/she is in an saturated niche with many competitors. It's about 'focus'. Stay razor focused if you want any form of major breakthrough in any area. I know because that's what I did.
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