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Gaming SquaddySquad open for more people to join


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Apr 16, 2018
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Hello everyone HazzManBLAM! here returning with another update on my collaboration group SquaddySquad we're currently open for more people to join our silly group XD
You maybe wondering why such a silly sounding name for a group and that is because we're all pretty fun to be around so we decided to come up with a daft sounding name. The members we have within the group are from pretty much all over the place we have UK, EU and US folks within the group.

And of course with all collaboration groups there is always going to be requirements that are needed to join. Luckily for you we don't have as many so joining should be pretty easy :)

* Must have Discord
* Must have Steam (Who the hell doesn't)
* Must have a YouTube channel (With content)
* ages 16 - 20
* Must have a decent sounding Microphone

If you match the requirements above please feel free to contact me over on Discord. My Discord contact name is HazzManBLAM!#4130

Hope to have more members in the group soon. Chat to you soon :)