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Should I keep my YouTube name "MightyJackal" or make a better name?


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Jul 31, 2016
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Hi everyone, I have been stressing out lately trying to make a new YouTube name that sounds cool, fun, catchy, and not at all cringe but it seems like it's that hardest thing to do. I admire Youtubers such as Vanoss Gaming and H2O Delerious, aswell as the rest of their group because when I started watching YouTube as a kid, I would always watch them. Many if not all of them have a cool and catchy name from their past but I do not unless you consider "GamerChamp69" or "XxBlueBananasxX" to be cool, catchy, and totally not cringe worthy names. YouTubers known as IAMWILDCAT, BigJigglyPanda, and Dead Squirrel went with what I like to call the "Adjective(s)/Animal approach" which inspired me to make my current name "MightyJackal" but now it just seems lazy and totally unoriginal and doesn't have any word play to it. Maybe I'm just overthinking this too hard and MightyJackal is a good name but compared to names like H2O Delerious and his name literally meaning intoxicated off water, makes me value and appreciate the word play and catchy sound it has even if it was unintentional. I lack the creativity and wordiness to make a great name like that so you could imagine my struggles when trying to come up with a name for my channel. What do you guys think, am I overthinking it and it's completely fine or should I find a way to make "MightyJackal" sound more unique and wordy or brainstorm another name entirely? If you think I should brainstorm an entirely different name then please provided examples of names like "H2O Dlerious" that have a lot of word play in it to make it stand out and be unique and not lazy or unoriginal like the "Adjective(s)/Animal approach". The name "MightyJackal" is 100% original when it comes to being named that so I don't have any competition with this name but when I think of "Jackal", my mind wonders off and the images of furries and their fur suits start popping into my head and it makes me cringe and very uncomfortable that my name may possibly resemble furry culture.


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Sep 5, 2013
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I think it's a good name because it's easy to remember and easy to spell. Last of all, it doesn't use common English words so it should be quite easy to rank for in Google search and YouTube search.

Also, the domain name mightyjackal.com is available so it has plenty of potential. :) Again, it's a good domain name because it's short and easy to remember and spell. ^^
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