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Should I dispute this claim?


Posting Mad!
May 11, 2018
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I got a copyright claim like 2 months ago and there wasn't a dispute button and now that I came back to see the claim, the dispute button appears...

Long story short:
Old video (August 2018) when I was new to YouTube... I used a NCS remix of Mission Impossible song for less than 1 minute as an intro. Little I knew that according to YouTube:

So I didn't know that NCS or even a remix is at stake and Sony will not stop or think twice if they see the video has 100K+ Views
Video is dead, will not get that many views at this point so they will get less than $1USD per month

BUUUUT Since I used the song in the intro I was able to remove it completely from the video thanks to creator studio beta (trim feature). I removed that intro and you can't hear their song anymore because I pretty much trimmed my footage so the question is....
Should I dispute the claim and will it be removed? or am I risking a strike for nothing?

What would you do?
Thanks for your help!

PS: If the claim is removed, I will keep a perfect record of 0 claims and 0 copyright issues
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The NotARubicon!

NotARubicon Productions
Mar 3, 2017
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That's an odd situation - I would be inclined to dispute it because you've removed it - but there is a chance the systems/bots/AI overlords wont be smart enough to realize you've removed it, then, BAM, STRIKE!
So if you're concerned and if the video is dead, either leave the claim stand (it wont count against you) or just delete the video.