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Short Film Short Film/Actors & Actresses Needed *WICHITA, KS AREA*

Discussion in 'Short Film' started by YaBoiiClark, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. YaBoiiClark
    Hello YTTalkers,

    I am in the middle of preparing screenplay for a re-enactment documentary about the Columbine High School massacre; it'll be very similar to Zero Hour's mini-doc on the tragic occurrence. My version will have more background people dialogue, new scenes, and exact quotes from 9-1-1 audio calls during the attacks rather than paraphrases.

    If you, or anybody you know, is interested in taking part of this short film, I will need actors/actresses to play the role of Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Sue Klebold, Brooks Brown, Deputy Neil Gardner, Unnamed Philosophy Teacher, Richard Castaldo, Rachel Scott, Lance Kirklin, Sean Graves, Dan Rohrbough, Ann Hochhalter, Coach Dave Sanders, Ms. Patti Nielson, Bree Pasquale, Valeen Schnurr, John Savage, Isaiah Shoels, Cassie Bernall, and Extras (a full list of Columbine students/teacher will be revealed when screenplay is close to finalization).

    The shooting location will hopefully be in either Wichita, KS or Andover, KS, so if you're from the area or can travel to the area, that'd be greatly appreciated.

    If you'd like to audition, send me an e-mail at vidtellyproductions@gmail.com. I'll send you an audition script and you just simply record yourself reading the lines, and if you have what we're looking for, you could be chosen for one of the characters listed or for a character we will soon reveal.
  2. d4nve9a
    if i was near that location i would have auditioned

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