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Scripted videos - how do you remember your lines?

Discussion in 'Scripts, Script Writing, Video Ideas & Planning' started by freppy, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. freppy
    For all of those that have videos that are scripted (educational content, etc etc etc), how do you remember what to say?
    Do you have a prompt script handy so you can look at it while talking, prompt cards, or anything like that?
    Or do you remember key ideas from each section and talk about it from memory?

    I have been finding it hard to do longer stretches of talking / discussion without having prompts there for me to remember what to say... My content is mostly educational, and so has plenty of specific details and facts that I need to say correctly... I have been using a written script with prompts and key figures on it, and wear glasses so that you can't see my eyes dart back and forth to the script - but so often I get the script reflecting in my glasses haha! Without looking at prompts / scripts, I end up having way too many cuts, and the video seems very choppy....
  2. AceOfBats
    I've Got It
    It's largely extemperanous delivery. We don't do a lot of hard scripts more outlines. In the Honest Trailer For Yu-Gi-Oh Decks parodies that's a voice over, so I just have the script on a stand and go from there. But for editorial videos it's an outline and a timer. We'll have 2 or three set bullet points to discuss and then 2 or three bullet points over those. Makes it simple, and still makes it sound like a real conversation we're having with the users/viewers. It's made the latest editorial video we did bust a thousand views, so I think it's working. Not sure if it was good or just a fluke, we'll see.
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  3. Jawad Soomro
    I'm a Human!
    it is actually hard to memorize the script I wrote for video. I usually speak randomly so that it looks real. Sometimes I would read the script and memorize two lines and shoot video again then pause.
    In your case, I would suggest to record your educational videos like you usually do, then record your voice again with your script, so that in case you dont chop many clips. Use B-rolls and other clips to support the length of your speech.

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