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Voice Acting SCP Secret Laboratory Parody (3 voice actors needed)


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Nov 22, 2012
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SCPlease End This

This is a sequel to the mildly popular SCPlease Don't Kill Me seen here:

The sequel will follow the same story from the perspective of the D-Class and Scientists, so I need a whole new voice roster if anyone's interested

Barry (M)
He's a D-Class between the age of 24-30 (voice actor can be any age)

Audition Lines:

1. *sighs* D'you think anyone's coming for us? (defeated)
Shoot him (Said nice and snappy)
Thankyou so much man! (relieved and happy)

Scientist (M)
Last remaining scientist who's very worried about being killed either by SCPs or the D-Class

Audition Lines:

1. Yeah, I'm sure the NTF will be here any minute now
In the meantime, we've gotta work together. So all the experiments we've done with you, we can put that behind us...can't we?
(Last part is said unsure and nervously)

D-class #2 (M or F)
Pretty calm laid back dude or girl who doesn't let the situation get to him

Audition Lines:

1. Hey Barry I found a gun
2. Ok let's go, I also found a keycard on that jerk over there that kept closing doors on us as he went through...

Send files (preferably in WAV format) to tmjbtv@gmail.com

DEADLINE: 30/11/18 (extendable if necessary)[DOUBLEPOST=1542562192,1542562133][/DOUBLEPOST]Wouldn't let me post a link unfortunately, but the original is available on youtube if you search SCPlease don't kill me or secret laboratory animation