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Short Film Sci-Fi series project homage

Discussion in 'Short Film' started by networkstudios, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. networkstudios
    Loving YTtalk
    hello my name is matt and i am one of 2 people working on this project.

    its a original series that pays homage to the great Sci-Fi's including Firefly, Star Trek, Star wars, star shiptroopers and elements from things like X-men.

    so far i have a basic story laid out with lore and characters.i want to start building a team to work on this.

    we still need:
    • additional editors/vfx editors
    • camera men (when we get to filming)
    • concept artist
    • actors
    • writers
    • additional prop builders
    me and CJ are both editors and i am learning both VFX and practical effects. in addition im building some of the props.

    the first part will be filmed in Ireland and the UK.

    for more infomation please contact me on here or add me on skype:
    evil-skull-pr0ductions (if you add me on skype please add a note saying you found me on here)

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