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Scheduled Videos Performing Badly


I Love YTtalk
Aug 31, 2011
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I schedule almost all my vids and have seen no drop in views. I am 12 hours time difference from most of my viewers (I am in the Philippines, 70% of my views are US). So I always had to upload as unlisted, then publish right before going to bed... then I discovered the scheduler.

I post 2 a week (Mon & Fri), and stack em as I make em. I am about a month ahead of myself right now. I like the feeling of being ahead of schedule. It leaves me no pressure, and I can work on the videos without feeling rushed. I have 6 or 8 scheduled right now, and 5 in various stages of editing (my work flow is horrid ha ha)

I do sometimes release on Wed, without the scheduler. If I have something time sensitive, or just a silly day running around town. Those vids usually do perform better. I do not think it is the scheduling that does it, more the spontaneity. They are fresh, fun, silly vids. People like those. Vacation vids tend to be pretty planned out, I made a spur of the moment vid about trying to pay the electric bill... took over 3 hours (computers down at money store), getting lunch, looking at girls (but the guys were hitting on me) in the plaza, drinking Smirnoff at iMart... just goofing off. The viewers loved it. I do not blame the scheduler for that...

I love the scheduler, and it seems to get as good a views as any other way, for me.
I have scheduled a week or so in advance of daily videos before without issue but this time I scheduled around 30 to be released over 2 months. I still need to try a video and get back to you all on what happens :D