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Services Richard S Music | A Video Game Composer Looking To Get Into Online Media

Richard S

New Member
Aug 26, 2018
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Hey everyone!
My name is Richard S, I've been producing music for at least six years now. Composing for about two.
Over my entire musical experience My goal has always been to make unique & fitting songs that perfectly paint an otherwise silent picture. I treat every project i work on as if it was my own. I find passion & inspiration through making things the best i possibly can. and because of it. I am pretty known for completely re-working something out of the blue with my clients. Often times i even throw in a song or two for free. because if i think something can be better, I don't hesitate to make it so.
i am able to produce any quality of music. From retro chiptune. To modern cinematic. and anywhere in-between.

To see my full resume and contact info. Please send me a PM with any other questions you might have.