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Request for a Channel Review

Discussion in 'Reviews & Channel Feedback' started by Karnage316, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Karnage316
    Active Member
    Hi guys,

    As a few of you may be aware, I've recently come back to work on my YouTube channel after a hardware-related hiatus, and I've been working on my video quality/editing and am somewhat happy with how that is proceeding. However I would really like if someone could basically carry out a bit of a channel audit for me and let me know how my channel is doing?

    I'm mainly wanting to look at how my channel is doing in terms of drawing attention to itself and my videos, and anything I could look at to improve it. I'm basically looking to tidy up the channel as much as possible to ensure my content has a fighting chance of getting out there and in front of people, so any help people can provide with that would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Shandor
    Well-Known Member
    Hey Karl,

    Here is what I thought could be improved:
    - The banner is a bit dark, lighten it up, this tends to do better on youtube nowadays
    - The profile picture made me think that there would be a facecam although there is not, this is a tad misleading.
    - Customize your thumbnails more, although I really like the sonic thumbnails, the other ones look a bit hurried and could be improved on.
    - Back to the banner again, I also think it might look better if you removed the orange outline from the text

    Hope this helps
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  3. buzzcuts
    I've Got It
    You post consistently which is great and your thumbnails are nice and clean.

    In terms of branding, I think you would benefit from making changes thumbnail-to-thumbnail (ex. background colour, character, etc.) to differentiate each video. Especially when you're posting so frequently, it would be easy for a subscriber to think they've already seen a video because it has the same thumbnail as one you posted a day or two prior.

    For the actual content, maybe just try to fill more of the dead air with extra commentary/insight on the game? Just some thoughts.
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