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Animation Recruiting for Animated Short Film and Youtube Channel


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Jun 28, 2019
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Hello everyone,

We are currently a small group of four in search of our fifth member. Three of us are animators while one scriptwriter.

We are in the process of setting up our own YouTube channel. In addition, we are within the final phases of pre-production. Very soon we will begin working into the production phase. But, we’d like to include one more individual for now. If all goes well, we hope to continue working together as a team for future projects.

Our goal is to empower one another to pursue their passions, all the while aiding one another into getting work and gaining exposure. Moreover, we create affordable, creative and entertaining content.

As a group of artist with diverse talents. Working together as a whole striving to inspire our audience by using free and affordable software. Our only limits being that of our imagination and self-expression.

With us being a multimedia party we hope to find others that would enjoy creating art that fits their own personal style as well.

The idea evolving around our newest film had been very loosely inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We revamped the story concept and made it into our very own original idea.

In place of the bears, we have mythological creatures. While our protagonist, Grife, is a brunette adolescent portraying that of a thief. The time period is set within the late 1990s, while the setting is based on a fictional city in a universe where both humans and monsters live. The film will be done in 2D animation and used with the animation software: Pencil 2D.

Those who are interested, we simply ask to some samples of your work. Such as animations as well as illustrations. If you have a demo reel or a portfolio, please feel free to share.
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