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Recording in IFORMAT?

Discussion in 'Video Editing, Recording, Software & Hardware' started by QueenLlama, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. QueenLlama
    I've Got It
    I got a new camcorder as my other one broke and I recorded about 5 videos today, uploaded them all private to youtube and none of them are in HD I did not know what iformat was but my computer has it as an mp4 file so it would not be hd :( I have changed the setting in my camcorder so it will now record the video in HD I was just wondering if there was anyway to convert the video to HD as it is filmed on a hd camera after all. I am terrible with cameras so I thought why not ask a bunch of YouTubers! It will really bother me if I upload in 480p :(

    Any advice?

    (My video filmed in IFORMAT)
  2. CDeltaT
    You should be able to upscale it. Upscaling takes the video and makes it into a higher resolution but the image quality will remain the same. But if it is a higher resolution then Youtube will allow the Video to be a higher bitrate (higher bitrate means higher quality). It honestly depends on the source bitrate of the videos you took.

    This is off the top of my head so sorry if it is inaccurate. Good Luck!

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