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Discussion in 'Reviews & Channel Feedback' started by Michael, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Michael
    I Love YTtalk
    Review requests are limited to 1 per week, if your review is not approved you will have to wait 1 week before posting another, please ensure yours meets the guidelines below.

    Giving reviews

    New threads offering to give a review to anyone who posts will NOT be approved. This is because threads like that just attract large amounts of spam.

    If you want to give people a review, then you can post a review in their review thread.

    Rules for requests

    Do not request reviews if you don't actively participate on other areas of the forum. This will be treated as spam/promotion.

    Threads which are deemed too promotional will NOT be approved.

    You may request only 1 video at a time to be reviewed, posts which include more than one video will not be approved.

    This is not a video dump area. Do not request a review for every new video you upload. Use your YTtalk Cash to purchase video forum access and post your videos in the appropriate section on a more frequent basis.

    Reviews posted by members can contain criticism and you accept that you may receive this by requesting a review.

    What you must include in your request

    Please ensure when posting a request for a review or feedback on any aspect of your video or channel to include the following, if your thread does not include the following it will not be approved:
    • A detailed description of the aspects of your video or channel that you want reviewing.
    • Details of the particular video you want reviewed or specific aspects of your channel this can include your channel branding.
    • Links/images for the content you would like reviewed.

    Examples of requests that will NOT be approved because they contain NO detail about what aspects of your video / channel you want reviewing:

    "Here's a video. Check it out and tell me what you think."
    "Check out my channel and tell me what I can improve."
    "Check out this video. Is it good? Do you like it?"
    What you can get reviewed

    You can request a review of the following:
    • A single video
    • Channel branding including intros, outros, banners, avatars etc
    • 2-3 aspects of your channel as a whole that you want reviewing.
    The approval process

    If your thread has not been approved within 24 hours of being posted it has been rejected. You may not post another thread in this forum for 1 week. The YTtalk team reserves the right to use its own discretion when approving and disapproving review requests.

    Don't contact staff or start a thread asking why your review request hasn't been approved.

    Thank you for reading.
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