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Re-branding my Channel

Discussion in 'Branding and Channel Design' started by ThomasAA, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. ThomasAA
    Hey everyone! I have a few questions about re-branding my channel. I have just recently started it in December, so not a big following at all. I started this channel as a way to share my passion with cycling. I have enjoyed the process so far and learning about all the video/photo/audio editing programs (for which I had no background at all).

    I have also enjoyed the process of branding and all the things that have gone along with it. I have been involved with branding before and know how you brand can define you going forward.

    The actually physical channel is named Thomas Armstrong (my name). However, I started with the name Which Way is Up for my channel. The idea was related to a video series I have started about chronicling a different climb on the bike in each video. For that series I am keeping the name and just keeping it as a series on my channel.

    For my channel as a whole, since I have started reviews of products, and have future videos of races, interviews, etc. I don't want to hold everything to the Which Way is Up name. I am thinking of something shorter, maybe two words. I have thought about just using my name, or my initials plus the word cycling. I have also played with the idea of using some form of cycling/biking/bike plus somethings from my home provincial of Nova Scotia (as my roots are there and my roots in cycling).

    I am not looking for a name, but more for a bit of guidance and how others have chose a name and branded their channels.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. KatyAdelson
    I Love YTtalk Moderator
    I've moved this to the Branding and Channel Design forum. ^_^ The other branding forum is meant for tutorials. :)
  3. RoxelGraphics
    Liking YTtalk
    Words aren't really the issue: Which Way Is Up is 4 syllables, same as, or just 1 less than some of the most successful channels (Logan Paul, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, just the first 3 to come to mind)

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