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Question About Audio Gear

Discussion in 'Video Editing, Recording, Software & Hardware' started by Ready Spaghetti!, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Ready Spaghetti!
    New Member
    I'm trying to save up some cash to purchase decent gear to start a YouTube channel, hopefully. No silly aspirations of becoming the next internet celebrity or anything, but I think it would really be fun to do and I might entertain some others in the process :D I'd like it if any of you kind people here could provide advice, maybe offer just-as-good alternatives for cheaper or something, and help me out with a big dilemma.

    The camera, I've decided, will be the Canon EOS Rebel SL2. It's very recent, and some might say it'sa bit pricey for a beginner camera, but after watching plenty of reviews I determined that the 1080p60 video option and the Dual Pixel Autofocus system will come massively in handy for shooting video, and I found a grey market website selling the camera for just $560!

    So, then I'd buy some extra batteries of course, those are pretty cheap. I found some beginner level Soft Box lights on Amazon for just $55. I've already got an okay tripod and a 64GB SD Card, so that's not a concern at the moment. For at-desk voiceovers and maybe some videos recorded while at my desk I have the decent Samson GO Mic, set that baby to -10dB and you can get some crisp audio out of it.

    Now, the big dilemma I spoke of earlier. The on-camera/in-the-field microphone.

    My first choice was simple. Rode VideoMicro with a 3.5mm extension cable and mini tripod for moving it around if need be.

    But then I found out about the Zoom H1 handy recorder. And from what I've seen, it's massively useful. I've already got some NiMH AA batteries, so power wouldn't be an issue with that mic. From what I've heard, if you set it right you can get great audio from it. With the added benefit of being ten times as versatile as the VideoMicro. With the Zoom, you can have it as an on-camera mic, sure, but you can also take it off and carry it around independently of the camera and just sync the audio up later, you can plug an external 3.5mm into it and let its high quality preamplifiers get the best from said mic. I can imagine that being much more useful in the long run, but it's also a bit more expensive. With the VideoMic, my budget gets a bit tight, and with the Zoom, I'd end up having to wait quite a bit longer before I could afford it and a decent cheap lavalier mic. Is it worth it?

    And of course, are the other items on my list reasonable?

    Would love to hear some other opinions, as just letting all these thoughts rattle around it my head is kind of starting to slowly drive me crazy.

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