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Promoting YouTubers. Need opinions

Chris the Swissmiss

Hi. I hope you're doing excellent. I'm Chris
Jun 3, 2015
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Austin, Texas
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I say choose 2 or 3 youtubers for every video you make and show some of their best clips while talking about what they do.

Seems like a great idea!
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Aug 8, 2016
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I've seen people done this before and here are some tips that I think might be useful
1/ Before you mention any channels, make sure you let them know!
2/ Create a template or document and send to those channel owners to sign it (to make sure they own or have rights to use and show all the materials in their videos) so that you can reduce the copyright problems.
3/ It will be a great idea to do a video where you interview a "best of the week" channel through Skype once a week. This will help you bond with other Youtubers also create a healthy competitive atmosphere.
4/ Mention channels in groups or categories. For example, if you talk about art channel, then your whole video should be about art channels, if it's about vlog, then all vlogs. This will make it easier to see the different between channels therefore more knowledge about creating Youtube channel in a specific activity.

Hope it helps :)
These are great tips!

I have very small family daily vlogs. I would love to learn from and connect with other family vloggers.[DOUBLEPOST=1470711119,1470711058][/DOUBLEPOST]
I'm willing to give my body for this project
Anyone else interested in my idea? Going to have a signup section soon.
Keep me in the loop
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