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Animation Plexi Channel is Recruiting

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Mar 31, 2016
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Ahem, I am here on the behalf of Plexi Animations.
We are team plexi animations and we are working on an animation called survivors.

The “Survivors” story is amazing, its a good one in fact! And I wont spoil it here. Its been largely appreciated by the community on hyuns Dojo and on youtube. Our trailer has over 1,000 Views!

but to sum it all up its about the protagonist and his gang fighting zombies and powerful zombies known as wickeds. Its a straight forward plot, but the more you read the more dense the STORY actually is. It has a bit of supernatural in it and nice twists to the story
as of now its still in rough designs, but do not worry we have a full cast of voice actors and digital artists.

you're interested you can pop by and ask us questions, we are more than glad to help you

The animation will be full body for the story scenes and will transition to stick figures for action scenes

Due date: N/A

you can contributethe survivors series and then leave
you can join the plexi animation family and become the building pillars of our indie channel on YouTube!
Youtube. com/channel/UCs2dV1VaJT4k5hFAObok9Cw
I gotta say the second cholce is better, lol im TOTALLY not forcing you guys into this or anything

To join 'survivors' ....... I'm gonna be nitpicky about the terms of skill so please if you want to join please link your BEST animation
To join plexi however you just need to get approved by our founder. He made the Plexi Team to have everyone come together and have help. To be able to collab, make new friends and partners, to learn and grow, but most importantly, to have fun and help bring your own and others ideas to life. You can feel free to create ur own mini series and contribute to the channel, as the channel grows slowly and hopefully we can promote ur channel. Once we have a lot more members, we can take on multiple big projects!
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