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Pewdiepie gets DMCA takedown(s) by game devs

Discussion in 'YouTube Chat, Gossip & Help' started by Crown, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Crown
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Administrator
    Ok so there's a backstory to how this happened:

    PewDiePie was doing a livestream and used the n-word during a gaming live stream. He was playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    This is what he said: "What a f****** n***** Oh my god, what the f***?"

    After uttering the racial term, he said: 'I don't mean that in a bad way.'

    The live stream, titled CALIFORNIA ROLL, has now been removed from his account.

    The most interesting part of the story is the reaction of the game dev community as a whole. The DMCA takedown is from one of the creators of a different game, Firewatch, Sean Vanaman because he's sick of Pewdiepie (and other gamers maybe?) of making money from their hard work:


    He said on Twitter: "There is a bit of leeway you have to have with the internet when u wake up every day and make video games. There's also a breaking point.

    I am sick of this child getting more and more chances to make money off of what we make.

    He's worse than a closeted racist: he's a propagator of despicable garbage that does real damage to the culture around this industry. I'd urge other developers & will be reaching out to folks much larger than us to cut him off from the content that has made him a millionaire.

    Furthermore, we're complicit: I'm sure we've made money off of the 5.7M views that video has and that's something for us to think about."


    What are your thoughts on this? IMO, What he said is just wrong. I don't see how anyone can defend him. Pewdiepie has history of this sort of thing too. But what about the game dev's reaction. Has Pewdiepie just ruined it for everyone? Will gaming companies now stop allowing Youtuber's to use their content? Thoughts?
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  2. satiricals
    I've Got It
    The game developer is in the wrong because his website disclosed permission for people to record/stream his games & monetize it.

    This permission also didN'T disclose that this may change at any time.

    Currently I'm arguing with some retard on twitter who thinks fair issue plays into this. Even though it's a different issue since the creator of the game disclosed permission and fair use is a statute regarding limited uses based on 4 primary factors when you don't have permission to the media clip(s) you want to use.

    #2 satiricals, Sep 11, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
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  3. KingUsher
    I've Got It
    Honestly as a black man when i saw the video i was kinda like meh and shrugged it off but now after thinking a bit more about it one thing that bothers me about the video is did he say it to a player who was playing the virtual character or did he just aim it at the virtual character itself?Anyone who plays games knows how sometimes when you`re playing games you can lose yourself and say something randomly even offensive words.
    Now i am not a pewdiepie fan so i don`t really know much about him to judge him but if he watches black hiphop songs and just many black gamers i wouldn't be surprised if he said it because when you listen to a word being said a lot you can automatically say it since you heard a lot of people mention it a lot.And yes am saying lots of black people use the n word too much but here we have a case where he aimed it at someone but as i said before if it was the virtual character itself then no harm done but if he knew the player playing was black then i would take this as him being racist.

    As for the retarded game developer i think he`s just trying to make use of this to shut pewdiepie down and honestly not many black people are raging and caring about this.Also pewdiepie makes them a lot of money so i don`t understand what they`re raging about wtf without gamers advertising their games they wouldn't make as much money as they`re making right now.We buy games these mostly because we watch streamers we love playing it and as we see them react to the game how they feel about it we feel the need to try it out.I think this developer guy just wants to take advantage of this s**t.
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  4. Selim Keles
    Nap King
    well it was wrong but at the end of the day he didnt mean anything by it he said it we all say stupid stuff sometimes and just remember he is human and i know he said the nazi stuff but this is a guy who for years has been playing games and shouting out nonsense but it was bad of him to say that word im sure he will be more careful from now on i think we just need to know he didnt have any racist intentions and thats the main thing there are plenty of stupid people that say it and do mean it go focus and stopping them instead of a guy playing video games
  5. coratison
    Well-Known Member
    I honestly never understood why he got as many views as he did on his youtube channel, of course I have seen his videos pop up on youtube here and there over the years, I watched one of his videos for a few minutes and just didn't like the humor at all, but ok that's all just personal preference , I thought silly gaming videos on youtube don't hurt anyone , I haven't heard anything negative so I go my way and mind my own business if those videos work out for him and people like his humor, great.

    Then ( I think this year? ) it was all over youtube trending that he apparently is racist, apparently it was all some sort of misunderstanding and he just tried to prove some kind of point, ok fine.

    But people still defending him here? "It was just a slip of the tongue" ? How does something like that just accidentally come out of your mouth if you never say it? And the way he reacted to it too, it was like he suddenly realised he was on a live stream and said something he shouldn't have for a stream, not because it is really offensive to a lot of people is that he said "not in a bad way" . He doesn't care about the people that were offended there, he cared about not getting in trouble.
    And after you're being accused of being a racist you let that slip? The guy just seems like he isn't the brightest and / or doesn't care about people at all, just about his money.
  6. Mr.Human
    Active Member
    Yeah and if he said nothing people like you would say "OMG AND HE DIDNT EVEN SAY A THING ABOUT IT OMG THAT MUST MEAN HE REALLY WAS BEING RACIST" bla bla bla. I hate over-sensitive people who get insta-offended for everything and whatever you do they'll find a way for that to be wrong and offensive. You are the ones killing this platform.
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  7. Gaijillionaire
    I've got a yen for being in Japan!
    Well, if he got 2 more in the next 88 days or so he should be gone from YouTube forever right? Haha wouldn't that be great
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  8. babyteeth4
    Taking over the world... ...one kid at a time!
    What's troubling is how casually PewDiePie uses that term, it must be a habit. People can say it was a "mistake" or a "slip" or whatever but he's apparently used to using that word--a guy who just 6 months ago was accused of being antisemitic. That's a red flag. None of this bodes well for him, or for the platform, regardless of where it happened and what the context was.
  9. Famous
    I've Got It
    I find it amazing the number of posts supporting "free speech" in threads here, yet when another person exercises that freedom all the sudden it's "I'm offended"

    Exactly. Having free speech means people also need to accept the responsibility of being mature enough to allow others to say things that might offend them.

    Listening to rap then looking down on Pewdipie for what he said is hypocritical. Like @KingUsher said, black gamers throw the word around liberally. Black culture at large uses it like white people use the word "dude". The two words are 100% interchangeable. Think about how silly it would be to be offended by the word "dude". To asterisk out the word "dude". To claim "dude" as a racist hate crime. Silly, right? So why get offended by what Pewdiepie said?

    Am I defending him? Meh. He's a big boy, he can fight his own fights. In all honesty I've never seen a gameplay video of his... all I've ever seen are his video rants. Did he used to be "that funny gamer kid" who's trying to shrug off the stereotype like an ex-mouseketeer, or has he always been this way?
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  10. MarkRodriguez2012
    Youtube Reviewer
    Yeah, honestly if these slips keep happening, people are going to run out of excuses to defend him.

    But hey, he's a person, just like everybody else. And people f**k up, or are jerks, or assholes. It's the fanbase fault for idolozing him as anything else.

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