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Gaming PC Collabs/Group 18+

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by InfernoArt, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. InfernoArt
    New Member
    Hello there I'm a fairly new YouTuber and Twitch streamer, looking for people (18+ preferably American because of time) who would like to record/stream/discuss some games & various related topics. Some of the games I own are:

    -Mirage: Arcane Mage
    -7 days to die (zzzzz)
    -Payday 2
    -Last man standing
    -The Amazing Eternals
    -Heroes of the storm
    -Dirty Bomb
    -Hyper Universe
    -Day Z (zzzzzz)
    -H1Z1 KOTH
    -Paladins (new on Pc, owned all on PS4)
    -Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
    -Dota 2
    -Black Desert Online (new)

    Yea that's a lot I know lol, but I'm 24, black, American, and I like to have fun and just enjoy the game while trying to capture great/funny moments in games. If you would like to collab, you can contact me:

    Instagram: InfernoArtGaming

    Steam: InfernoArt Gaming

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