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NY Times interview with Susan Wojcicki (YouTube's CEO)


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Sep 5, 2013
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Even by the nightmarish standards of the empire she oversees, Susan Wojcicki, the chief executive officer of YouTube, has had a dreadful start to 2019. During a single week in February, BuzzFeed reported that her company was running advertisements alongside anti-vaccine content; there was a nationwide panic over the platform abetting child suicide; and a viral video showed how pedophiles were flourishing on the site.

And then there was the bestiality.

Thumbnail images implying human-animal sex were discovered next to children’s videos, and after an uproar, Ms. Wojcicki was obliged to call a staff meeting to address it. The topic, she allowed during a recent interview, was one “I never thought I would be handling.”

Ms. Wojcicki, 50, was sitting in a conference room at YouTube headquarters in suburban San Bruno, Calif., wearing jeans, a cardigan and an expression of pure stoicism. In an industry that celebrates eccentricity, Ms. Wojcicki presents as exceedingly normal, bordering on boring, even as elements of her digital realm burst into the real world in forms that are increasingly grotesque and sometimes dangerous..........

Link to the rest of the article : https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/17/business/youtube-ceo-susan-wojcicki.html


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Mar 13, 2015
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Hmm... Well.. I read about ~80% of that lol. It got kind of long towards the end there lol... I kind of feel bad for Ms. Wojcicki -- I think she has a really tough and stressful job trying to make everyone happy. It wouldn't surprise me if she will eventually have people manually pick creators to create specific paid content, shut down the uploading services to everyone else, and turned it into more of a net-flix like thing. :eek: That would make me so sad, but I think it's kind of the direction they are leaning towards... :(

But I did like this quote of hers about decision making:
“One way I think about some of the decisions is putting myself in the future and thinking: in five or 10 years, what will they say?” Ms. Wojcicki said. “If someone were to look back on the decisions that we’re making, would they feel we were on the right side of history? Would I feel proud? Will my children feel like I made good decisions?”
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