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Hot Topic "Not Suitable For All Advertisers" / "under review" (**DISCUSSION HERE ONLY**)

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Monetization & Partnership Forum' started by FrostedGH, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Jungle Explorer
    I've Got It
    I have never had one of my videos flagged as advertiser unfriendly or even limited. But, I think they are still tweaking the system though and it will take time for them to get it to where they want it. Until then, there will be all this inconsistency. The best thing to do is to try to think about what you post. Try to think about other people and what they like.

    A few of you admit you use foul language. Well, in spite of what you or your peer association may think and agree on, foul language is not an acceptable form of communication for all audiences, and that is never going to change. Why not learn how to communicate using intelligent words in your videos and forgo the heartache of having your videos flagged? It really is a simple solution and very easy to do. If you don't want to do it, that is fine; but then don't complain when your videos get flagged for it.

    You have to make the decision as to whether you have your youtube channel to make money or to express yourself. If it is to express yourself, then cuss away to your hearts content. If it is to make money; learn how to communicate in an intelligent respectful manner. Pretty simple
  2. Random $$ Slots
    New Member
    For over a week the following has happened.

    Day 1 - I upload a batch of new videos. They get a Green $ icon.

    Day 2 - All of my videos from Day 1 are flagged as Not suitable for all advertisers. They now have the Yellow $ icon. I then request a manual review of these videos. It takes about 40 seconds per video because I have to wait for screen refreshes, etc.

    Day 3 - The videos that I asked to have reviewed are cleared and get the Green $ icon.

    I've lost count, but the number of videos that I've had to get reviewed are probably more than 60 so far.

    The delay in getting the Green $ icon back means that I cannot post a video for immediate viewing and expect to be able to monetize it.

    There are also a few videos that have yet to be reviewed after several days that still say "Review Requested".

    I hope that YouTube can correct their system that is giving all of my videos a "False Flag". I've sent in these issues to the Support people and all I got back was a form letter that explains what a Yellow $ means (which I already knew).
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  3. Effre44
    I do gameplay commentary and swear occasionally in my videos. But videos that have more swearing have a green monetization icon still ...

    My main question is: Should I just get them all 'Manually Reviewed'? Is there a risk doing this in the sense that Youtube could mark the video as a 'Content-ID' match and thus make the video have no monetization at all? Or will they simply just reject the review and keep it as a yellow monetization icon? If there's no real risk, it would be a no brainer to manually review them all no?
  4. AmberAndGolden
    I Love YTtalk
    This is actually funny to me
    Okay, so some backstory,
    I've never had a video on my channel be demonetised before, this is a first for me and the fact that it's this video (even though I don't have ANY inappropriate videos, While I do swear sometimes, being riské or controversial is not my style at all)
    so the video that was hit was this one
    A video with NO talking in it AT ALL, just music and video clips of a xmas market I go to every year, no offensive language, nothing at all, just clips of food and Ferris wheels and lights LOL

    I'm going to request a review, not because I'm actually going to make money off this video, I don't even care, I just think this is dumb this happened in the first place hahaha

    I can 100% see why this is annoying to people, especially when a NEW UPLOAD is hit with this BS, because I'm sure a review would take at least a day or so, in which time, you've lost everything already..

    Oops! Our server has a temporary problem and couldn't do what you asked it to do. Try again in a few minutes.

    ok youtube
  5. Danica Christin
    Active Member
    Is this still happening or has it stopped now?
  6. Reneeonyt
    It's still happening for me, every single upload I've done in the last 2 weeks has been flagged as "not appropriate", they are literally unboxing beauty subscription boxes, no swearing, nothing that violates the guidelines, I'm constantly having to do manual review, it's getting ridiculous and being flagged for nothing. It's frustrating. They end up approving the videos but I can gaurentee people like Jenna Marbles aren't being flagged despite swearing. (I do love Jenna, but just an example).
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