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New Series with Different Content Direction

Michael Masters

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May 9, 2018
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Ovid, MI
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Hi friends,

I'm always incredibly delighted with the feedback I get in here. So, this time I'm asking about a specific video.

I typically post entertaining content designed to relate with and inspire creators. I'm still going to be doing that. But, I also have been considering doing content that is more practical and informative. Stuff that has been helpful for me that i believe other creators can use too.

My ultimate goal is to create an online course for freelancers and solopreneurs based on the type of material I'm doing (productivity hacks and exercises) I'm calling it the Daydreamer series. I'd love to know:

-Do you think that freelancers and solopreneurs will find value in this kind of information?
-Is there anything missing that might help get the point across?

Thank you!