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Music New Music Composer Willing to collaborate

Discussion in 'Music' started by daniel salazar, Jul 28, 2018.

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    1. Hello Everyone I am a music student but I have started composing over the past year for orchestra and then recently got the opportunity to compose for a film a friend was doing for his final and would like to start composing for short films and although iidont have a YouTube channel I would still love to collaborat with y'all

      The way I work

      I don't have music software or anything like that I use a piano pencil and paper it's what I have used for the past year and it's worked well for me and When I finish my sketch I begin to Orchestrate it(writing to each indivdual indivinstrument) and write the parts out which were then either played by an orchestra or put in a software where it was used in the film

      If you have any other questions you would like to ask please email me at musicproductionst@gmail. and I'll respond Thank you and have a greatday

      P.S it doesn't have to be in my area I'll happily work over Skype,Hangouts orwhat ever other type of communication and in any timezone


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