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Needing clarity on Google AdSense and YouTube sponsors

Spence Bailey

Loving YTtalk
Jun 3, 2018
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United States
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Youtuber, Other
So, a long time ago when I was young and dumb I had an AdSense account that I left on one of my blogs that my friends completely maimed and spam clicked the links. I left it unsupervised and eventually my Google account was banned from using AdSense indefinitely. With that being said, I need clarity on if this also prevents me from taking advantage of some of the many ways users can make revenue from YouTube. I understand the AdSense method is out of the cards for me, but what other features would still be available to me?

Or perhaps if anyone has a link for me to follow to clear things up that would be extremely helpful too. I'm not saying this will deter me either way from continuing my YT Channel, I just want to clear up what I can and can not utilize in the future.
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