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Request Needing a better intro possibly an outdoor (paypal)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by BlazeYT, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. BlazeYT
    Well-Known Member
    Hey guys I need a new intro. I can do it is just don't have the time and I'm not as creative as some of you are. I currently have a 3d intro rolling with a template music and my name just tilting in sync with the music (yeah kinda basic..) But it is 3d. I'd like if it were done in let's say Sony vegas or any other high quality editor that can do 3d intros. I'd also maybe like an outro where I can post 2 of my previous videos and maybe like my logo and a subscribe and like button but idk if I'd have to do that myself. As far as the intro
    -3d (preferably Sony vegas)
    -rendered into mp4 format
    -containing my logo maybe like flying around or whatever and then it comes in and stops and my name pops under it (can talk about later)

    -basically a place to put 2 links to previous videos
    -my name
    -subscribe button
    -like button
    Or something like that, again can talk about later

    I'm pretty flexible I'll let you do what you think is best. I know some stuff but whatever you think. I will pay through PayPal and I'd like the files in an mp4 format. I have a wide range for payments that I'd accept. If you'd be interested please leave a message. Also I'll attach a file of my logo. I just realized the photo is a jpg. I will pay a little extra if you can use a lasso tool or however you want to cut out the black and make it into a png. (Again I know how to do this, except like make it all fancy but I don't have the time lol)

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  2. MiqCas
    I've Got It
    Hi! You might be interested! Visit this forum page for prices and more details:


    Do not hesitate and contact me!

    Email: miqdesigns@yahoo.com

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