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My Ongoing Difficulties with a Viewer

Discussion in 'YouTube Chat, Gossip & Help' started by Idec Sdawkminn, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Idec Sdawkminn
    Horror Versions
    While I welcome and will consider any advice, this is mainly me telling a story. I just like telling about dramatic things that happen in my life. Now that I think about it, a vlog would be perfect for me...

    Anyway, I'll give you some context first. If you don't know, I run a channel that takes pop culture and uses audio and visual edits to corrupt it into something creepy, either to show what I envision it would be like if it was made in an alternate Addam's Family/Halloween Town universe, or to emphasize an existing, but unintentional creepy aspect of the original.

    Because of the pop-culture nature of my content, as well as the fact that I ask for requests, I get a lot of people requesting specific videos for me to do. I created a spreadsheet on Google Docs so I can keep track of them, and also so the people requesting them can see that they are on the list. At the top it specifies that all videos will be published at 12 (noon), Pacific Time. I get so many requests, however, that even though I upload daily, the last person on the list is looking at an estimated 820-day wait (assuming I do all the requests before it, which I won't). Because of the ridiculous size of the list, I decided to give people the option to be moved to the front of the list if they send me $5 for a "paid request". I link to PayPal and Google Wallet on there. I've had several people do this so far.

    Anyway, there is a viewer who has been increasingly upset at me, and after some recent exchanges, I dug back through my comments and discovered we had some previous disagreements when she was using another name. She has had 3 accounts that are involved in our interactions. I'll call them Her1, Her2, and Her3. They are relevant because they contribute to the conflict.

    11 months ago

    Her1: this is soo funny dude I have a request!!! can you do Full house 1996 intro Please I love that show and I want to see it in g major but even scaryire u are good with teese can u make it this month this Sunday tomarow please reply when u can do full house intro remember 1996 intro ok
    Me: Well, the Full House intro is already on my list because it was requested by someone else. But even then, there are a lot of videos waiting in line before it, so it will be next year before it goes up.
    Her1: ok anything is fine but I all so have a another request I also want the Austin and ally intro and u know how u did Michael Jackson earth song I want mj Bad but next year 2017 I will have to wait I whole year but its fine I love your videos tho!!

    10 months ago

    when can you do my request
    Me: It's going to be a ways out. I already have videos scheduled all the way until next year. Check this out: (link to my schedule).
    Her1: my request will be out next year wont it I really want Michael Jackson bad can you please do it tomarow
    Me: I'm not going to put your request in front of everyone else's. They've been waiting for months. The only way I move a request to the front of the line is if they pay for a paid request. The link to do that is on that schedule.
    Her1: I tried requesting mj bad a year ago and you didn't reply so this is why im asking if you can do it now
    Me: I see. I must have missed that one and I can't find the request anymore. But I do think I remember someone requesting that song. I can move another video (that wasn't a request) to a later date and put Michael Jackson - Bad there instead, but it will be September 24th. How's that?
    Her1: can you do it on september 3rd because that is my birthday
    Me: Yes, September 3rd should work, but only for this special case and only because it's your birthday. :)
    Me: I've updated the schedule now. September 3rd.
    Her1: ok thank you so much!!
    Her1: ok I looked at the squeal so yes you are doing it Saturday September 3 thank you so much!!

    (some later date)

    Her1: how do you do this with the colers nit looking like the other g major and the scary voice tell me how to do this because I was thinking about doing mlp bab seed horror version so can you tell me how to do it
    Me: It is too complicated of a process to explain here and it is different for every video. But basically I change the hue and brightness after inverting the colors to something that looks the creepiest to me. Instead of using a bunch of tracks playing at the same time like normal G Major ones, I only use a couple that sound the creepiest to me.
    Her1: oh is it a way to do horror version with android because I think you do it on computer and i don't have one so is there a way to do this with android
    Me: I don't think so. I use computer programs that I paid for to do it.
    Her1: aww man ok. I was just asking sorry for bothering you I did not know how you did it so this is why I'm asking sorry if you don't want me on the commenting on this video
    Me: What? No, I have no problem with you commenting and you weren't bothering me. I just don't have a good answer for you. You'd really need to use the same programs I do because they are the only ones I'm familiar with.
    Her1: ok thanks I thot you did not want me on your channal
    Her1: What tine will u do Michael Jackson Bad im waiting for it

    (the next day)

    Her1: I just wanted to tell you about yesterday about me bothering you about request I just wanted to say im sorry for bothering
    Me: It's all good. Don't worry about it. :)
    Her1: ok thank you im kinda blushing in real life to be honest

    (some later date, now with her second username)

    Her2: Hey dude im Her1 who requested Michael Jackson bad how many days till my bd
    Me: Remember it will be on your birthday.
    Her2: ok its really close

    (September 3rd, the day the video was going up)

    Her2: um horror versions what time will Michael Jackson bad will be I just changed my YouTube nane and profile
    Me: At noon, Pacific time, which is in about 13 minutes from now.
    Her2: oh ok i am so ready to see the creeps in my head
    Me: You can see right now because it's up now.
    Her2: also can you remake it even scarier now it was not as scary as earth song so can you do that for me plzz my b-day is still going on
    Her2: yes now plzz my party starts at 3pm and its 3:37 in Houston so can u do it right now plzzzz
    Me: The Earth Song is just easier to make scary on it's own. This is the scariest I know how to make this one.
    Her2: oh ok so I guess u can't make it im not being mean im just saying
    Her2: oh ok it was pretty scary just not like the other ones
    Me: Yeah, some songs work better than others. I do the best I can with each one, but some just aren't scary at all, some are a little, and some are really scary when I do the same thing with them.
    Her2: yea I understand but it was like 4 times scary earth song was like 16times scary
    Her2: can u subscribe to me

    9 months ago

    Her2: is mine almost hete
    Me: The next request I have from you is the Full House theme song. That one's looking like the beginning of next Summer.
    Her2: LONGGG TIMRE Plzz noo

    (some later date)

    Me: Okay, I've added it to my list for me to check out. I'm now uploading every day so it will be sooner.
    Her2: Kk And i also want Michael Jackson. You are not alone plzz
    Her2: I didn't see it on there
    Me: It's not on there, but I'll add that one as well. The online schedule list only shows ones I've already done. I have another list just on my computer that has the ones I haven't done yet. (this was before I had the pending list online)
    Her2: Where is that one can you give me a link please
    Me: It's not online. It's just a file on my computer.
    Her2: oh ok sorry for annoying you again sorry for wasting time
    Me: You didn't annoy me, don't worry. :)

    (she has changed to her current username and has left me occasional comments that are irrelevant to this topic. then...)

    1 month ago

    Her3: can you do Michael Jackson you are not alone (this is the one she requested 9 months ago)
    Me: Thanks! That one's already on my list of pending requests. You can see my list here: (link to pending list)
    Her3: OK can u do it on the 30th
    Me: It currently estimates it will be up in 93 days. The only way for me to do it sooner and make it fair to everyone else would be to send money like it says on the list.
    Her3: Really that is basicly up too Christmas day or a whole year I've been on u channel for to years thats very sad u know what nvm I don't even want to do it anymore u just want money
    Me: I'm sorry I have such a long request list. I could just ignore requests and do whatever I want, but I try to make everyone happy by doing their requests. But my channel isn't just for you to have videos you want done. It's a service I provide for free for everyone. If you want to skip ahead of everyone else, it's only fair if you give something for it. Otherwise you're just trying to take advantage of me, and that's much more selfish than me asking for money.
    Her3: well I never did that just like how u IGNORED MY OTHER REQUEST so u do not know how many people get sad because they never Got a request If u think I am SO SELFHIS I WILL LEAVE YOUR CHANNAL ALONE AND WILL UNSUBCRIEBE
    Me: I knew that my reply would make you upset, but I didn't like doing it. I don't think you are a selfish person. I think you are a good person. But you said I just wanted money. If I just wanted money, I wouldn't be doing any requests for free. It's not about the money. The "paid request" thing is only to give a fair option for people to skip ahead of everyone else. It wouldn't be fair to everyone else who is waiting a long time for me to put your request ahead of theirs just because you asked me to or because you have been watching my videos for a long time. I'm trying to do things the most fair I can, and offering a "paid request" seems to be the best way to me.
    But when you said I just wanted money, it was implying that I am selfish and greedy. I wasn't offended by it, but it's still not a nice or okay thing to say to someone when they are just trying to be fair to everyone. So I showed you how wanting your request to be more important than everyone else's was a selfish thing. I don't think you are selfish and maybe you didn't even realize that it was a selfish request, but I was trying to show you how it feels to be called selfish when you aren't, just like saying I just want money was to me. I wish I could do everyone's requests when they want me to. I like you and I don't like making you wait, but I still want to be fair to everyone. I even tell my parents and brothers and sisters that they have to wait in line because I don't think it would be right to put them ahead.
    Now, with all that said, I'm sorry if I've ignored any of yours or other people's requests. A lot of times comments don't show up when I try to go through them and I miss some. I don't like how YouTube displays comments. I also can't always keep track of which YouTube accounts belong to the same people, like the 3 others you have had. I get so many people requesting things that I forget that you are also Her1 and Her2. But I also don't do every request I get, usually because I don't want to. Sometimes a song or video won't work very well in "horror version". And sometimes I just don't like the song or video that someone requested and I don't want to do it. And I don't usually reply and tell them unless they keep requesting it. And maybe I should so people at least know that I considered it. So again, I'm sorry if you were ignored and maybe I am just misunderstanding what you were asking.
    I appreciate that you have watched my videos and commented on them and requested videos for as long as you have. I always enjoy seeing comments from you. And I'm sorry that what I said upset you. I still want to try to handle requests fairly, and that is doing them in the order I got them. Please let me know what I have missed and what I maybe misunderstood.
    Her3: no u don't enjoy my comments u hate me because I'm so annoying just tell the truth u really hate me
    Me: I am telling the truth and I don't hate you. I like you. I think we just had a misunderstanding. Will you help me understand?
    Her3: what do you mean?!
    Me: Please explain how the situation seems to you. What did I say or do to make you think I hate you? What things did I say that were mean and why do you feel they were mean? I want to understand your feelings about this so I can try to make things better. It will make me happy if you are happy.
    Her3: I get mad easaliy and when I read the comment I got sad and I thought u didnt like me just because I get annoyed I just wannted to do that one for a surprise for my cousin because she wannted me to do bad but I was trying to ask u to do yana but she forced me so I didnt really get my real birthday present to can u please do that one tommarow and I. won't beg any more
    Me: Okay, I think I understand better now. That's sweet of you to want to have a music video done for your cousin's birthday. I didn't realize that it was for something special like that. I just thought you didn't want to wait. A lot of people tell me to do their request right away and get mad at me when I say they have to wait in line. And it's just because they only care about their request.
    I'm still a little confused about your request, though. Did your cousin want "Bad" and you wanted "You Are Not Alone" on your birthday last year? But you asked for "Bad" instead because she made you?
    So, my channel has to be fair for everyone, like I said. So I won't move people's requests ahead of everyone else just because they asked. But I have another channel that I can put your request on right away and you can watch it. This is just me doing a personal favor for you. Then in about 92 days I'll put it on this channel for everyone to see. Does that work for you?
    Me: Okay, here is the link to You Are Not Alone: (link to video)

    1 week ago

    Her3: can u do Michael Jackson scream
    Me: I've added it to my list of pending requests. Did you get the link to "You Are Not Alone" I sent you?
    Her3: hmm hello I know u can see this I will report you one time

    (on another video)

    Her3: can u now put scream on that other channel now
    Me: I was happy to make a special exception for you because you have been a fan for a while and because it was your cousin's birthday, but it was a one-time thing, so "Scream" will have to wait on the list.
    Her3: aww can u just do it on the other channel

    4 days ago

    Me: It will probably be a lot less because I'll probably not do a lot of the requests on my list. I won't know until I get to them. But it will still be at least a year. Some people have to wait even longer than yours.
    Her3: no I understand u only want everyone else to feel happy
    Me: I want everyone to feel happy, including you. I made an exception for your cousin's birthday, which is more than I've done for other people. If you require even more than that to feel happy, then I don't know what to tell you.
    Her3: You hate me I'm not stupid I bet u are talking about me now
    Me: You're right. You're not stupid and I have talked about you to my friends and family. I tell them about a lot of people that I interact with on my channel. But that doesn't mean I hate you. It's true that I feel like you expect a lot and I don't always enjoy the conflicts we have, but I don't hate you and your comments are always welcome.

    1 day ago (yesterday)

    Me: Thanks for the request, but that one's too dark and it doesn't look good when do it, plus it is already horror.
    Her3: Wow really just make it lighter u are the worst I knew you hate me
    Me: It's mainly that it is already horror. The whole point of my channel is taking happy, innocent things and corrupting them into something creepy. It doesn't work if the song or video is already like that. I wouldn't even be changing the mood of it at all. I turn down a lot of requests because of this.
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  2. Crown
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Administrator
    I didn't read the whole thing, but wow, she's really high maintenance and hard work. I'd be attempted to just stop replying completely and wait til she gets bored and moves on.
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  3. S_Mielz
    Loving YTtalk
    It sounds like she's either really young or she can't really comprehend what you say most times. Best thing to do is to stop giving her attention. I understand you might want to please everyone, but you can't most times.
  4. Jes
    Wow you have more patients then me I would of stopped relaying months ago. It sucks but sometimes that what you have to do you can't plz everyone. Hope this works out for you.

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  5. Idec Sdawkminn
    Horror Versions
    Going from her recent videos, I'd guess she is 9 to 12 years old. The majority of my commenters seem in that age range. If it bugged me enough, I'd ignore or block her, but I've never been like that. I try to treat each day as a new one with all new interactions. Brand new fresh starts. If they haven't changed, then they will be frustrated with our interaction until the next time, while I will be fine. If they stay away after that, then that was their choice. If they come back afterwards, we'll try again. The ball's always in their court. If they do change, then the interaction will go better. Either way, I'll still treat it the same. I don't hate the negativity because all it does is provide more drama in my life, and drama is just fuel for my story-telling enjoyment. It also keeps my YouTube hobby that much more interesting.
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  6. Painter
    Posting Mad!
    She doesn't sound like a child at all in my opinion. Pay attention to her requests: Michael Jackson and Full House. She's referencing a pop star, his songs and a television show from the 80's and 90's. She's also being very specific with dates (1996 Full House intro) No child of today would reference a specific date of a tv show way before their time or even think to do it. You're probably dealing with a woman who's mentally ill. My hunch is she listened to Michael Jackson and watched Full House as a kid.
    #6 Painter, Jul 15, 2017
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    Posting Mad!
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  8. xingcat
    Be good to self.
    You sound like you're quite patient with behavior that I would have blocked long ago for less. I would probably stop replying at the very least and hope her interest dries up.
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  9. Idec Sdawkminn
    Horror Versions
    I originally thought she was older, too, and it's why I was initially confused about the behavior. But then I looked at her channel and she is indeed a kid. Besides, she is also really into the newest My Little Pony. And you'd be surprised how many kids are very specific about certain date and season intros. A surprising number of people who frequently request videos of me are very specific about which one they want, down to the version of the VHS they want it off of. Then I look at some of their channels and it is a collection of every single intro and end credits sequence of every season of the show they are obsessed with, including promo ones, unreleased ones, ones on a rare, hard-to-find Christmas special, etc. And some of these kids will basically request every one of these for me to do in "horror version". They are completionists and their channel is dedicated to it. And I see them talking about it in videos and they are like 10 years old. This girl just happens to really like My Little Pony and Michael Jackson.
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  10. Painter
    Posting Mad!
    I'm at a loss for words.

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