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Multiple Niche Channels vs Broader Topic Single Channel With Playlists

Discussion in 'Strategies & Technique Advice' started by Illuminated Nerd, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Illuminated Nerd
    Active Member
    Hey people,

    Is it good practice to upload videos into smaller more focused channels when being so new & small as a youtuber, or is a more broad topic single channel better for long-term growth if the nature of the channel is more broad?

    Some Examples:

    1. A gaming channel focused on just world of warcraft (those exist) vs a channel that has dozens of different games.

    2. In my world, I have a "geeky/nerd" channel. This is clearly a broad topic and less focused than a channel that has videos purely on one specific technical subject. I can upload a lot of different videos that quality as "nerdy" that would seem worlds apart.

    Ex: I've done videos where I build an ikea desk for a gaming office, and then one where I build a custom water-cooled PC.

    I'm considering doing "software development" tutorials, which qualifies as "geeky/tech/nerdy" but of course that seems pretty different from my usual stuff thus far. So I'm at a crossroads.

    Have any of you created a new brand channel for related but different topics to be more focused, or did you ultimately opt for playlists to keep everything in one channel?
  2. TN7
    Liking YTtalk
    I think it really depends on the actual topic when you're starting out. If you're doing gaming, you have to stick to one or a few certain games to keep it simple. Not sure if this is right, but I think gaming channels that stick to a few games in the beginning, and then branch out to other games later on are more successful.

    However, for tech, you could do multiple topics as they are pretty much all related. For example building a PC, then reviewing RGB lights to add to the setup. After that you could review accessories to add to the setup.

    My tech channel has related but different topics, and if I ever plan to do different videos, I would keep them in a playlist to separate that content from the others.
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  3. BrettMikaluk
    Uniquely Awesome Since 1997
    Honestly I think the more content you can push to a wider audience is great. Though, it may hinder long term retention. If a subscriber only follows you for your tutorials, then they may not watch any of your other content. So if you decide one day to stop doing those tutorials, all of those subscribers are no longer apart of your community.
  4. markkaz
    I Love YTtalk
    To be honest, until last year, I would keep everything under one channel. Now I broke off a couple popular segments so that they have their own dedicated channels.

    If your fans like all of your content, they can subscribe to all of the channels. You can cross-promote each of them through End Cards, In-Video Cards, and in your description.

    If your viewers tend to watch all of your videos, your other channels may show up in the recommended column too.

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