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Movie stills from book reviews?


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May 16, 2018
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If I wanted to do a review/retrospective/analysis series, that would probably fall under fair use.

However, if I'm making a youtube video out of it, I'm going to need visuals on-screen, right? Well, if it's a book review, then there probably aren't very many visuals I can use that are from the book itself.

Well, what if I did a review of a book that also has a film adaptation, like Harry Potter? Could I use stills (note: STILLS, not clips, not audio) from the movies in my book reviews and it would still be fair use?


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Apr 13, 2015
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Officially, only a judge can decide what's fair use or not... so, unless you're willing to fight a court case, take on the lawyer expenses, and risk paying actual penalties and fines, it's rarely worth the risk.

With that said, stills are far, far safer than using video clips and have less likely chance of being found by Content ID or the actual copyright holders.

Downside - if you're not reviewing the movie and are focusing on solely the book, you'd have zero argument for Fair Use. If you were using the movie still to compare to a passage in the book, it'd be a safer (but still gray) area.
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