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Voice Acting Male Voice-Over artist with experience

Discussion in 'Voice Acting' started by Nord, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Nord
    I've done a lot of voice over work in the past and I'd love to do voice over work for your channel.
    One place I've worked with is a channel called NEXTA, that channel currently has over 30,200 subs and some videos which I have worked on with over 1 million views.
    My channel youtube . com /user /Derprapter, has about 2,400 Subs.
    If you like my voice and would like to work with me contact me at noal900@gmail.com
    Currently I have a blue snowball microphone, but in less than a week I'll be upgrading to a Shure SM7B.
    Another upgrade I've made is a better place to record so there is less background noise and an overall better sound quality.
    I hope to be able to work with you soon :D
    #1 Nord, Feb 12, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018

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