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Making Engaging Content


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Sep 13, 2019
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Alright I may be new here but I'm 100% sure this question has been asked before so I want to get a little more detailed with the question XD.

I have grown my channel quite a bit but I have noticed that my retention is Doo doo . I use analytics to see where I may have made mistakes that cause people to leave and I've have on ocassion found some evidence of things I was doing but more often than not there is nothing to go off. People are just leaving the video and I can't wrap my head around the cause.

So with that said is there anything you or anyone you know does to keep people glued to the video. A way of leading people or presenting content in a certain pattern that has a greater chance of maintaining our viewers attention over a longer period of time.

I ask this because I have found that even if the content is good it can have worse retention than an older video that was terrible so I believe there is more going on here than I am seeing.