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Vlog Looking To Start A Teen Collab Channel!

Discussion in 'Vlogs & Vloggers' started by CharlieBrooke125, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. CharlieBrooke125
    New Member
    Hello There, I am looking to start a teen collab channel 1 because I think it is a good way to help grow channels, and 2 because I want to make some cool youtube friends :)
    If your unsure of what a collab channel is, There are many videos online explaining it :)
    Everyone in the channel with have a certain day to upload, and each week there will be a different topic to make your videos on.

    -Looking for 3-6 people
    -Ages 12-16
    -Male or female (doesn't really matter)
    -You can be from anywhere in the world, doesnt matter (im Australian)
    -You can make any kind of content (gaming, beauty) just as long as you can make a video to go along with the weeks topics
    -You can film on any sort of camera, even a phone. You can use any sort of editor, even a phone.
    -You can join no matter how many subs you have.

    just because i am the one who is deciding to make this collab channel, doesn't mean im like the leader or the boss. Everyone is equal is this collab channel. But there will be certain things im in charge of (channel banners, channel trailers, etc.)
    Also, we will have a groupchat, (on instagram phone, kik idk yet) and you will need to respond. if you get your phone taken off you or there is a reason why you are not responding please notify us!
    In the description of every video, you can leave links to your main youtube channel and your social media.
    You can swear, or cuss in videos. just dont say anything that will offend people or get us taken off youtube.
    If you have Skype, we will be skyping :)
    If you know anyone that would also like to join, let me know.

    If you would like to join me in my journey, let me know in the comments below or:
    Instagram: @charliebroooke OR @xx.charliebrooke.xx
    Twitter: @charliebroooke
    Snapchat: @charliebrooke3

    Also, i dont have a name for this channel yet, so if you think of one, let me know
    Hope to start this collab channel soon :)

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