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Gaming Looking for youtubers to have a private server on Minecraft and have a diplomatic factions on SMP


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May 20, 2019
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So, I am currently looking for likeminded individuals to have a vanilla SMP Minecraft server. You would be able to stream and record videos on it. It will be diplomatic and such, but, you can "declare war" if both parties mutually agree. There aren't that many rules. Let me know via email @noabandonhiphop@gmail.com. or my Discord @noabandon#8037 I will have a discord server up if I get some people. nobody will be an admin except me and trusted people.
  • 15 y/o or above
  • Willing to be on often
  • Have a decent amount of subs/followers
  • Not be obnoxious
  • Be okay with dark humor
  • Be okay with having people under the influence

(P.S I will be running the server for the first month or two, after that I will decide if I want rent if you are making a decent amount of revenue)
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