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Music Looking for some musicians to produce covers and other staffs

Discussion in 'Music' started by Sudipta Mukhopadhyay, Jan 16, 2018.

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    Hi all!
    I sing cover songs on youtube. Though I am on youtube for quite a long time, my music channel is almost new and I need to produce good music to make it popular with the music lovers worldwide. Basically, I am a vocalist, and I need some people who can play with me and help me to do it. We can work together to promote our channels simultaneously.
    You may be a guitarist, a keyboardist, drummer, percussionist, anything! I just need you to work together. We select a song together, play it, sing it, and release it on youtube. If you are a producer, you are heartily welcomed!
    I have many plans to work out. Contact me in the comment section, or in the PM Box.
    You can also send me an email to sudiptamukherjee185@gmail.com.

    Waiting to hear from you. :)

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