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Commentary Looking for podcast partners


Mar 25, 2017
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Hey there! I'm looking for people to start a podcast with.
I'm into music (a lot of different genres, I focus on metal and progressive stuff for the most part) and self development, any of these topics I can spend hours talking about.
-Be passionate about this (obviously) and have some knowledge about music / self development.
-Have good audio equipment.
-Be cool.

I'm 20 at the moment, the closer you are to my age, the better, as we'll be able to relate to each other easier.
I also live in Europe, the farther away you are, the bigger the time zone difference. While this won't completely ruin things, it's something to take into consideration.

I haven't done much on Youtube with any of these topics, but I've been streaming on Twitch for a couple of years now. I got a decent understanding on how content creation works.

You can respond to this thread or send me a PM, then move things to Discord or something similar. Hope to hear from some interesting people soon.