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Beauty/Makeup Looking for a Makeup Collab!

Discussion in 'Beauty & Makeup' started by CandyUnion, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. CandyUnion
    Well-Known Member
    Hi everybody,

    I am Assistant to Megan Lanice, a small but growing beauty channel from the Mountain Region in the USA :)
    I will be speaking on behalf of Megan for now.
    Megan Lanice is a makeup-and-other-face-product-related channel. She is currently getting new cameras and lighting fixtures to make her content even more high-quality.
    Although Megan is a bit younger than most YouTubers, she still would like to collab with everybody! She would like to collab through Google Hangouts, YouTube Messaging, Discord, and possibly Skype.
    She is interested in beauty DIYs, makeup tutorials, and more in that category!
    Please respond to this post and then email me at candyunionvideos@gmail.com
    Thanks again,
    ~Megan Lanice's Assistant on behalf of Megan Lanice

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