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Gaming Looking for a long term collaboration partner!


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Aug 9, 2019
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Greetings, Im currently looking for a similar channel to collaborate with.Due to the fact that ive been gone from youtube for a solid 2 years and just came back a couple of weeks ago ive lost everyone i ever collaborated with and 90% of them alredy quit youtube.So please, have a look at my channel and see if it would be a solid to collaborate with for a longer future ahead.Mostly looking to play smaller indie games. No call of duty or minecraft garbage please.https://www.youtube.com/c/FrexieFrexTheres a link to my channel. only really have TABS videos at the minute, but there will obviously be more soon! ^^
Abit more info about me then. Im Frexie, recorded about 450 videos on youtube for 3 years before ended up quitting, was one of the hosts for a podcast called TheGamingVortex for a couple of years aswell.Anyhow, if you are interested toss me a notice on discord and dont be afraid to be rejected. Im pretty picky when it comes to people to collaborate with, Subs doesnt matter content quality matters!Frexie#7395 on discord.
Thanks, bye<3