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Gaming Looking for a group of 5-25 YouTubers to start a Minecraft survival series with

Doge Master

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Aug 8, 2019
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England, UK
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I'd like a few people to start a Minecraft survival series with. Must have at least 75 subscribers for a few reasons, but if you're close then I guess it's fine.
25 people limit because I don't want it to be chaos from the 0.1% chance I get lots of people.

Just for a vanilla survival in 1.14.4 that we can all start a series on to make videos at least once in a while. Preferably something weekly, but it doesn't matter.
I've not figured out too many extra details of what to say, but either reply if you need to know something or you're interested
It also might help if you DM me on Discord Dr. DM#4547 as I'll respond faster.
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